Is Anti-BigBang?

SEOUL, South Korea – Leejaedi Productions has been looking around K-Pop sites around the web and found that one of the most popular sites is Allkpop.

But since we are currently hosting a Big Bang poll, we found this interesting to post here.

This article is posted in Allkpop so all the credits go to them.

Big Bang Orgy DVD

18 Mar 2008 – 09:36 AM

Recently, Big Bang released a concert compilation DVD with some behind the ass scenes footage.

From attending Transgender Strip Show’s, stating their love for TVXQ’s Junsu, and other abnormalities in their behavior, we always knew Big Bang was very angular.

The photograph’s below, show Big Bang members in all their glory.

G-Dragon extremely anxious and excited for the upcoming festivities.
Big Bang G-Dragon

G-Dragon giving it to Seung Ri, using his master technique, “standing doggy style.” (a background observer enjoying the show).
Big Bang G-Dragon and Seung Ri

Seung Ri returning the oh-so-pleasurable favor to G-Dragon.
Big Bang G-Dragon and Seung Ri

G-Dragon cheats on Seung Ri, with Dae Sung, this time using his super special technique, Dragon Style.
Big Bang G-Dragon and Dae Sung

Dae Sung crying, because the Dragon Style was a bit too rough on his hole.
Big Bang Dae Sung

TOP & Tae Yang getting kinky as furries.
Big Bang TOP and Tae Yang

Tae Yang didn’t miss out on the action, as you can see he is all sweaty from his special workout.
Big Bang Tae Yang and Seung Ri

VIP’s, if this article got you heated… loosen up like Dae Sung’s butt hole. smile

Original Screencaps by omgfangirl

Which Big Bang member would you want to bang the most?
Total Votes: 1121
23% (255)
27% (301)
Tae Yang
16% (175)
Seung Ri
14% (156)
Dae Sung
5% (58)
16% (176)

You may have found this post vulgar and rated x but we can’t do anything about this. We just posted what they had posted and we have no right to modify this content.

This article was posted a long long time ago. Leejaedi Productions isn’t a Big Bang Fansite so we can’t judge the writer or the Big Bang members themselves.

Allkpop and Leejaedi Productions aren’t related in any ways but we are planning to add them to our Influences list.

Do you think Allkpop is Anti-Big Bang? Share your thoughts.
(Allkpop posted many things about Big Bang, so don’t think that this is the one and only post they have for the said group)


25 Responses to Is Anti-BigBang?

  1. allkpoop says:

    AllKPop is antibig bang! i know it! they even have a post a bout big bang they said big bang is pervert.. i hate allkpop.. they should not call themselves allkpop

  2. A.M.I. says:

    I’m sorry but i just want to burst out and cry.. because i did a research on allkpop news about big bang.. and all they do is bash them.. there was an article says ‘seungri is gay’ which cleary mademe mad and made me want to kill all kpop for bashing seung ri, first of all he is a straight guy that is full of goof-ness.. then there was an article good news about big bang yet they made BB look bad becasue BB was praised for doing great live but all kpop put a quote next to big bang then says “yeah don’t ask.. i don’t even know why they got into it”.. i mean there’s a lot of hate article about big bang.. it’s because all kpop is an sm town freak who only writes good article about sm artist.. which suck by the way.. i would like to sue all kpop if i’ not able to sue them.. I SWEAR WHEN I SEE ‘ALLKPOP’ I’M GOING TO DO SOMETHING TO THEM THAT WILL THEY NOT LIKE & BEG FOR MERCY!!!

  3. A.M.I. says:

    LOL! i’m just kidding.. but allkpop is really biased from today 😦 they’ve already reached the maximum of my forgiveness.. HMPH!one thing is for sure.. YG family deserves what they have now.. i just feel like allkpop is a secretly haters of big bang who wants everyone to hate them too! I know writers contributes their opinion but from what i’ve known too writers have limits & they are not called writers if they just kept bashing some good performers! & about the new gd article that him going to jail.. on every article i’ve read now on allkpop they usually mention gd and how he needs to go to jail?!? allkpop admin are haters, even if they are a big gossip kpop site, clearly they don’t know the meaning of ‘respect’ nor they don’t know ‘great performers’ when they see one!

  4. lani says:

    allkpop is a great site with up to date news, yet i dont know why they let some morons ruin it for them by allowing obnoxious Johnnydorama putting rude comments in writing. gosh, if only i see the dude in person i would smack the hell out of him.

    • BB4life says:

      Actually that johnnydorama is one of the CEO of allkpop. So that bastard can say whatever he want. His real name is johnny Noh. Go find him on facebook. He looks so ugly as hell. Go add him on facebook and you can curse out at him. I’m very angry at him too. I did say few bad comments about him and I guess some a-hole went to my profile and banned me. That guy really hated YG. Trust me if I see him in real life I would f-ing curse out that bastard.

  5. erica says:

    it not sm artis..they hate suju… they r pro snsd…that shit whore….slut….not talent at all..

  6. erica says:

    they always post wrong + biases news about artis….allkpoper have no brain….they r shiteater…

  7. ALLKPOP are biased against super junior as well! The writers are so biased and mean!

  8. iloveBB says:

    i don’t like any website that wants to beat a band. this is so stupid and insulting! i wish the admins of these websites don’t have any nice days because of the fan. Let me tell u, ALLKPOP, u re the idiots in a big hole of the shit from a cow. U are pigs and never quit any way to beat others!! don’t try to do it anymore because they will be some people go award u and hit u in a wild way. SR for my use of langauge!

  9. blah says:

    SHUT ALLKPOP UP THEN! I thought allkpop is a site that provide news for kpop n not expressing the hates to kpop music???? So….. Wats da point of holding up to this site dat express negatif image of a star ??? This stupid!!!

    • lollidella says:

      Dude, are you new in kpop scene? I mean srsly? You don’t understand how we people feels. we want news but with all the hateful article and all, we eel like bigbang or yg artist is no longer love. allkpop is a very popular site and new kpop fans are going to that website but when they just said bad things about bigbang and a few yg artist, obviously the new fans that new nothing about bigbang yet will hate them. what is this.

      plus, that johnnydorama is a fan of snsd and Hyuna. fuck off akp.

  10. shouichi says:

    no. Thy said they are ALLKpop but the truth is they hate allkpop. We as TVXQ fan felt like that too >.<

  11. molk says:

    i am also a bigbang/super junior/tvxq/shinee fan but i am more of a suju fan when i saw a comment of a VIP my world clashed of bieng a bigbang fan the comment is

    i mean is that suppose to be good but im having a feeling its not are bigbang fans trying to say super junior are only elves im not so sure if im a VIP anymore because im more of a suju fan

  12. molk9 says:

    i am also a bigbang/super junior/tvxq/shinee fan but i am more of a suju fan when i saw a comment of a VIP my world clashed of bieng a bigbang fan the comment is

    i mean is that suppose to be good but im having a feeling its not are bigbang fans trying to say super junior are only elves im not so sure if im a VIP anymore because im more of a suju fan

  13. =/ says:

    Allkpop has numerous writers for their articles, and some really hate the boy bands or girl groups and make it very clear in their articles about them, but other writers are quite supportive. Varies from person to person.

  14. SongBabe says:

    LOL read their “about us” page.. it’s so true, they don’t break the news, but they make the “news” which is not more than a bunch of gossip.. I just visit allkpop three times and all I got are cynical and rude reports.. it seems like the writer finally found the place to throw all his/her hate towards the specific artist.. and allkpop is not SM biased, I found it also bashed Super Junior.. I don’t get why many people find it as a reliable source of Kpop..

  15. y0shiHana says:

    some of Allkpop authors are biased to specific groups.. not only Big Bang, but also SS501 and Suju, and many more..

  16. BB4life says:

    I agreed. They are anti not only Bigbang but also YG as a whole. The writer and CEO Johnnydorama, he always wrote some bad comments about YG artists. I once put few some comments bad about him and I got banned maybe from what I said about him. I’m not sure or some haters just go to my profile and report me. Allkpop don’t take the articles very seriously. They are sm-biased as a whole. I don’t think we should need their own opinions when posting the news. If they wanna do this website right, please don’t put your own opinion and bashing on artists like that especially that a–hole Johnnydorama.

  17. nad says:

    u’re annoying, allkpop. why you didnt act objective things?

  18. click to see the allkpop articles insulting kpop and koreans. Allkpop is an anti-Korean site.

  19. heyU! says:

    so I’m just reading and scrolling down the comments and I’m thinking.. allkpop isn’t anti big bang ok from what I see they love big bang but still vips calm down. big bang gets hate so what you can’t change other peoples views on them like me I strongly dislike big bang with a passion I don’t why they are so popular. but Thats my view of them. and it’s not everyone on the allkpop team different people write the articles so it’s not on purpose

  20. Favichi k-pop lover says:

    oygan consigNSE VIDA11111 que les hiso big bang para criticarlos si no les cae pues pena pero que%&% ganan insultandolo, cada q veo una pagina asi me da rabia

  21. kpop artist videos…

    […]Is Anti-BigBang? « Leejaedi Productions[…]…

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